Terry Takes A Walk

Terry took the cab to her office.  She spent the next two hours catching up on emails, mail, messages and some conversations with co-workers who were either unaware of her putative status as a dissenter or knew it and approved.  She was looking forward to her lunch meeting.  At 1:50 she told her admin that she was going to lunch.  She slipped into a light jacket, shouldered her purse, and took the long walk through the groups of desks and cubes.  As she passed Jay Connors, she saw him pick up his phone, say something, and hang up.  She was certain that his one sentence conversation was prompted by her leaving.  When she went to the lobby, she started toward one exit, noticed a man leaning up against the wall, talking on a cell phone.  On a whim, she did a 180 degree turn and headed toward the other exit.  There was another man there who could have been a reflection of the first.  She paused to put on lipstick and saw a reflection of the original leaner following her.  She exited and walked across the street.  Then as she turned a corner, she glanced to the side.  Now both of the men were following her.

She was concerned that they didn’t seem to care that she knew it.  They were side by side and speeding up the pace.  Their demeanor seemed threatening if she was reading their body language correctly.  In a couple of turns, she entered Copley Square in front of the Public Library.  Although she was reluctant to let her pursuers catch up with her, she stopped as she had been instructed.  She sat facing the venerable Boston Public Library.  Her followers halted and one took a path to the side.  The other waited, staring straight at her.  She didn’t recognize him, but she recognized his intent.  His eyes were like those of dog before it attacks.  She took out her cell phone and dialed the number she had called previously when she was being followed.

The stalker headed directly for her.  The phone was ringing.  In just two long, quick strides, the man was reaching for her phone.  She turned away, trying to protect it.

Then the hand was gone and the man was bent over, gasping for air.  Immobilized.  Another hand was on her shoulder, and she heard, “Let’s leave before his partner comes back.”

They made quick tracks and disappeared into Copley Place.  Looking back through the glass doors, they observed that the man’s friend had indeed returned.  He was consoling his partner, much as she was being consoled by her rescuer.  The two men glanced around and turned and left.