I started DK4M in 2009.  The blog originally stood for Marketing, Movies, Music, Mishigas—not necessarily in that order.  It has meandered from time to time, pursuing a laugh, an aha, or a revelation.  The blog has its fair share of followers, RSS feeds, etc.  Page views on the home site are about 3,000.  I have written 75 posts, only blogging when I thought I had something to say.

I haven’t posted since last spring because I have been writing a novel—a mystery novella entitled “The Devil’s Jury”.  The process and the learning have been fun and rewarding.

I’m reviving the blog and hoping that it will provide three benefits.  First, it will establish what publishers refer to as an “author platform”—roughly the equivalent of target marketing or branding.  People who follow my blog are theoretically more likely to want to read the book.

Second, readers will be able to provide input and feedback.

Third, posting helps to affirm my commitment to writing–sort of like people announcing that they’re quitting smoking—in the hope that the announcement will embarrass them into compliance.

I suppose that some of my posts comprise a personal philosophy.  Speaking of philosophy….

PHILOSOPHY is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat.

METAPHYSICS is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn’t there.

THEOLOGY is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn’t there and shouting “I found it!”

SCIENCE is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat using a damn flashlight.

Looking forward to haunting you with posts once more.


I think that I’ve always loved writing—first to educate and now, hopefully, to entertain.

Author Don Kaplan
Author Don Kaplan
Briefly, I started as a teacher (history, social science, constitutional law, etc.) and loved it. However, I promised myself that I wouldn’t limit myself to one defining role in my obituary. I wanted to keep informing, teaching, and writing. So I got into publishing shopper’s guides where I wrote articles and reviews. I had to create content for my advertisers to generate revenue. Customers liked the ads so much in my publications that they asked me to develop all their ads so I started my full service advertising agency Kaplan & Stuart Inc. We grew from one to ten people and worked with hundreds of clients over a 10 year period. I wrote all the copy, directed the creative, developed and produced TV and radio ads. In addition I wrote articles that appeared business periodicals. In the early 90’s, I decided to expand the epitaph one more time and became a strategic marketing consultant. Fed my writing addiction by writing a blog called DK4M which is now in its second decade.

In 2003, I began research on a little known, long-ignored incident in American history when Andrew Jackson murdered two British traders. I revisited the project a number of times as work and life intervened. In 2013 I realized that as much as the story interested me, no one I knew would want to read it. I also love mysteries and, in that I wasn’t alone. So I wrote The Devil’s Jury.

Beyond mysteries, I enjoy jazz and playing jazz guitar as much as anything. My other interests include writing, reading, movies, cinema history, hiking, Tai Chi, hot sauce, chess, bourbon, Italian, Spanish, (a little Russian, Hebrew, Latin), audio, sports, and more.

I’ve enjoyed creating and meeting the characters of my first novel. I look forward to their further adventures in the next book entitled Thief Executive Officer.

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