Gripes, Goodies, and Goliath

As much as I love writing, I’ve been so caught up in writing my next book (trying to promote my first book), working, and playing music that I don’t have time or oomph for posting.  In this post, I am going to avoid the ubiquitous topic everyone wants to avoid—the elephant in the room.  You know political symbol with big Trump, I mean trunk.  Random thoughts just to prime the pump.

Phishing: Not as destructive as hackers but almost as aggravating is the persistence of spam purveyors.  They are unoriginal and annoying.  Lately I receive a dozen offers a day for miracle flashlights, gadgets and drugs.  Adding insult to injury is the latest trend to falsely invoke the names of Mark Cuban, Stephen Hawking, Warren Buffett, Christina Aguilera and the like.  Unscrupulous and no style.

Breaking News: Have you noticed how all the news stations flash “Breaking News” before every major story even if the story is days old and has appeared on their broadcasts a dozen times?  Who’s the genius who decided this would increase viewership?

Beer Cans: I’ve noticed that product advertising is rarely about the product.  It’s about mascots, “events”, beer cans with logos.  The largest number of borrowed interest ads seems to be directed at male audiences.  Isn’t the stereotype of a bunch of mindless jocks watching TV getting old?

Goliath: My new favorite series is “Goliath.”  A little like Fargo.  And it has Billy Bob Thornton.  So far a well-written legal thriller.  Great characters.

Save the World: Been reading a lot of descriptions of crime novels and thrillers on BookBub, Good reads, etc.  Have come to realize that when the protagonist “has to race against time to save the world” they’ve lost me.  Just personal taste.  Difficult to suspend reality.

Retirement Time: A number of my friends are contemplating or entering retirement.  Their greatest concern is how they will spend their time.  If you think about it, that should be an overriding concern of life.  Some are worried that they won’t have enough to do to fill the time.  I have too much to do and lack the time to do it.

How do you make $1,000,000 playing jazz?

Start with $2,000.000.