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Murder on the North Shore.  Historic, Maritime, Colonial, and Dangerous.  Cheers plus Humor.

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A group of locals meet so often to drink and shmooze at a bar called Bar None that they adopt a name–The Devil’s Jury.

We get to know the members and enjoy their humor, a construction worker is assassinated, then a divorce attorney is killed in a hit-and-run.  Detective Dahlia “Dizzy” Gillespie investigates the first and ADA Rob Latrobe looks into the other death.

One of the “jurors” disappears and another is murdered, and the Devil’s Jury becomes a promising source for a solution or a suspect—or both.  To solve the seaside homicides, Detective Gillespie will have to ascend the most isolated peak in the White Mountains.

Readers have enjoyed the repartee and humor in the novel.
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