Now an Author

Your Friend is Now an Author!!  Ta-Dum


I haven’t posted on my blog since September’s Pillows, Passwords, and Politics.  I haven’t sent an email other than as a musician in just as long.  My life has changed.  Now I am an author.

I have written a mystery, which has character (or characters anyway) and of course humor.  It’s called The Devil’s Jury by D. S. Kaplan.  You can find out more at my site

In print ($15.99) or

ebook ($5.99) on most book selling sites and ordered through stores.

Barnes & Noble

Or my favorite

I am no longer seeking nor accepting new B2B marketing clients although I retain  a few favorites.  I hope you will still enjoy my DK4M blog on the new site and elsewhere.

Stay tuned for the next novel TEO: Thief Executive Officer.

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