The Dizzy Gillespie Mysteries

I started out just to write a mystery.  I hoped it would be diverting and fun.  The protagonist developed by herself–much the way I’ve heard famous writers describe the origins of the main characters of their series.  I never believed until it happened to me–and Dizzy.  Her real name is Dahlia Gillespie.  Because Dahlia is a name that can be a distraction and because everybody seems familiar with the name Dizzy (John Birks) Gillespie she has acquired her nickname.  It doesn’t matter that he was one of the most innovative and influential musicians in the history of jazz.  In our heroine’s case, the nomenclature is reinforced in the hearts and of her colleagues by a somewhat lazy eye and hair that periodically seems to have a mind of its own.

Otherwise she is a well put together black police detective on the North Shore of Massachusetts who wastes no time in finding the solutions to crimes that might baffle others.  After “meeting” her in The Devil’s Jury and finding so much interest among readers, I couldn’t resist bringing her back for TEO: Thief Executive Officer.

North Shore Book Launch

Don’t Beware the Ides of March.
Be There for the Ides of March

Don Kaplan will provide
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March 15, 2018
6:30—8:00 pm

@ Historic Hawthorne Hotel
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